Thesis and other stuff...

I just looked on statistics on my blog and realised that people are actually still looking here every now and then. I'm a bit surprised since it was a long time since my last post but if the statistics are correct I'm glad that people care. So I thought that next time when you're here you should have a new post to read. I do read your blogs and you're much better at updating but at least here is one.

I've been very busy lately with finishing my thesis and I still am. However, I'll be done soon and then I'll start work. Working with my thesis is pretty much everything I do right now but that will change soon. I already have some plans for what to do when it's over. I'll go home for a few days and visit my parents, my sisters and the dog they recently bought. They got it the day when I left after Christmas so it'll be nice to see how big it is now (probably not so big since it is a small breed). I'll also relax and finish the books I got as Christmas gifts. I've read quite much in the first one which is McCarthy's Bar, but lately there hasn't been much time for reading. The other one I got was the long ships. I've read it before and really liked it so I'll read it again (I think so at least).

It has been said many times lately that it's a year since most of us went to Belfast but I think it's worth mention it again. I think we all agree on that it was a great time. I'm still thinking of it quite often and remembering the good times with the great friends there (I mean you). Just as I write this a commercial from the Irish country side (for Irish whiskey) comes on TV which doesn't make me miss it and you less. It was a great time.