Thesis and other stuff...

I just looked on statistics on my blog and realised that people are actually still looking here every now and then. I'm a bit surprised since it was a long time since my last post but if the statistics are correct I'm glad that people care. So I thought that next time when you're here you should have a new post to read. I do read your blogs and you're much better at updating but at least here is one.

I've been very busy lately with finishing my thesis and I still am. However, I'll be done soon and then I'll start work. Working with my thesis is pretty much everything I do right now but that will change soon. I already have some plans for what to do when it's over. I'll go home for a few days and visit my parents, my sisters and the dog they recently bought. They got it the day when I left after Christmas so it'll be nice to see how big it is now (probably not so big since it is a small breed). I'll also relax and finish the books I got as Christmas gifts. I've read quite much in the first one which is McCarthy's Bar, but lately there hasn't been much time for reading. The other one I got was the long ships. I've read it before and really liked it so I'll read it again (I think so at least).

It has been said many times lately that it's a year since most of us went to Belfast but I think it's worth mention it again. I think we all agree on that it was a great time. I'm still thinking of it quite often and remembering the good times with the great friends there (I mean you). Just as I write this a commercial from the Irish country side (for Irish whiskey) comes on TV which doesn't make me miss it and you less. It was a great time.


Believe it or not... an update is here

Hey there!




I’m not even going to try to explain why I haven’t written here for so long.



I’m at my parents’ place this weekend because I was at a party yesterday with most of my cousins. It was nice to meet them again, it was a long time since I met many of them. We first went to a place for playing a game like the tv show Fort boyard. I don’t know if you have seen it but it was very popular in Sweden. If you haven’t Ill try to explain, you’re entering a small room where you find a task like climbing around without touching the floor and in the end push a button or solve a mathematical problem or something like that.




I was on a concert this week. Erik asked me a few days ago if I wanted to come to a Denison Witmer consert. I hadn’t heard any of his music before but I got to listen to some songs on myspace and I liked it so I went there. It was in a small place not far from where I live and there weren’t so much people but it was great. First out was J. Tillman a guy from the US (just as Denison Witmer). He played a few songs and it was very good. Denison Witmer was also very good and he told a lot of funny stories. For example that they left for Oslo after they played in Belfast and when they came to the airport they realised that they were far from Oslo (anyone who recognises that?). It was snowing and they were waiting outside looking into a closed store where they sold knitted mittens and scarves.




Maybe some of you have seen some pictures on my facebook from when I’m driving our car that we built. We have been out the two last weekends and tried the car and it was great fun. It’s quite hard to drive it but the feeling when you push the accelerator is very nice if you like speed.






Hi there!

It is time to write something here again. I have worked for two weeks after my vacation but I have also worked my last day at my summer job for this summer. Now I’m just waiting for my thesis work to start which it does in one and a half week. I’m spending my days in my apartment in Gothenburg surfing the internet watching TV and trying to write a report about my time in Belfast. It is actually quite boring but it is at least relaxing.

I guess most of you know that Max visited Gothenburg last week. It was planed that he would stay over a weekend but because of a cancelled flight the visit was postponed to the following week instead. The bad thing was that that was my last week of work so I couldn’t spend so much time with him and Erik that I wanted but the time I spent with them were great. I joined them every evening after work and we had nice food and some nice drinks.

I wrote a while ago that I would post pictures of my apartment. Unfortunately I don’t have a camera in Gothenburg but I took some pictures with my cell phone so you can see how it looks. As I said it is small but I like it and it is big enough for me.


Apartment 3Apartment 2Apartment 1
Apartment 4




My vacation has started. I am in Skummeslövsstrand which is where my parents live. I have spent most of the days relaxing in the sunshine, reading and swimming in the sea.


Some friends and I rented a boat yesterday and went fishing. It was very nice to be out at sea and we got quite much fish too which makes it even better. We got around 25 mackerels and we drove back to a friend afterwards and had some nice grilled fish.

My vacation has also included volleyball playing at the beach, two concerts and spending time with my family and friends. So it has been a great first week on my vacation and now it's two to go.

Some random pictures can be found



First post in English

I think it is about time to write something in English here. It is more than a month now since I left Belfast and I have spent most of my time working. My job is quite good, I spend my days at my computer working with some engineering stuff.

I have moved into my new apartment in Gothenburg and it is quite nice. It is very small compared to many other apartments but feels huge compared to the room in Belfast. Unfortunately, I don’t have a digital camera so I cannot upload any pictures and show you at the moment but I will as soon as I get one.

This is my last week at work before a three week long vacation. I don’t know exactly what to do except for spend some time at the beach (if the weather is nice) and spend some time with my family and my friends from my hometown.

I’ll have to leave now but I’ll write more as soon as I get some pictures to upload.

I miss you all.



Ps I didn’t write much but at least something. I will try to write again soon.