Believe it or not... an update is here

Hey there!




I’m not even going to try to explain why I haven’t written here for so long.



I’m at my parents’ place this weekend because I was at a party yesterday with most of my cousins. It was nice to meet them again, it was a long time since I met many of them. We first went to a place for playing a game like the tv show Fort boyard. I don’t know if you have seen it but it was very popular in Sweden. If you haven’t Ill try to explain, you’re entering a small room where you find a task like climbing around without touching the floor and in the end push a button or solve a mathematical problem or something like that.




I was on a concert this week. Erik asked me a few days ago if I wanted to come to a Denison Witmer consert. I hadn’t heard any of his music before but I got to listen to some songs on myspace and I liked it so I went there. It was in a small place not far from where I live and there weren’t so much people but it was great. First out was J. Tillman a guy from the US (just as Denison Witmer). He played a few songs and it was very good. Denison Witmer was also very good and he told a lot of funny stories. For example that they left for Oslo after they played in Belfast and when they came to the airport they realised that they were far from Oslo (anyone who recognises that?). It was snowing and they were waiting outside looking into a closed store where they sold knitted mittens and scarves.




Maybe some of you have seen some pictures on my facebook from when I’m driving our car that we built. We have been out the two last weekends and tried the car and it was great fun. It’s quite hard to drive it but the feeling when you push the accelerator is very nice if you like speed.