Hi there!

It is time to write something here again. I have worked for two weeks after my vacation but I have also worked my last day at my summer job for this summer. Now I’m just waiting for my thesis work to start which it does in one and a half week. I’m spending my days in my apartment in Gothenburg surfing the internet watching TV and trying to write a report about my time in Belfast. It is actually quite boring but it is at least relaxing.

I guess most of you know that Max visited Gothenburg last week. It was planed that he would stay over a weekend but because of a cancelled flight the visit was postponed to the following week instead. The bad thing was that that was my last week of work so I couldn’t spend so much time with him and Erik that I wanted but the time I spent with them were great. I joined them every evening after work and we had nice food and some nice drinks.

I wrote a while ago that I would post pictures of my apartment. Unfortunately I don’t have a camera in Gothenburg but I took some pictures with my cell phone so you can see how it looks. As I said it is small but I like it and it is big enough for me.


Apartment 3Apartment 2Apartment 1
Apartment 4